UV Disinfection Robot
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Intelligent inspection and sterilization system for large space (FL-UV ROB 1100 )
• 90% energy at 253.7 nanometres emits light, which breaks the DNA and RNA chains of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms
• No ozone, no secondary pollution
• Confirms to the provisions of the "Disinfection Technical Specification" 2002 edition of the Ministry of Health-
• Industrial-grade stability and reliability, high safety
• Equipped with dual laser radar and ultrasonic radar, intelligent obstacle avoidance, high navigation accuracy
• Positioning accuracy: fixed point 1CM; 2cm on the movement path
• Adapt to different ground conditions, able to adapt to 8° slope climbing, 10mm steps and 30mm gap
• Multiple safety protection: support multi-level safety protection such as distance and collision detection to realize safe and reliable motion control

Professional optical design
The disinfection effect of the robot system is verified by simulation of TracePro, a world-renowned optical design software, to accurately obtain the radiation illuminance distribution data in three-dimensional space, guide the setting of the killing path and killing time, and ensure the optimization of killing effect and coverage area.
• "Batwing" type light distribution can not only ensure the effective kill range of 270 °, but also have the best radiation illuminance on both sides of the robot's travel, and improve the disinfection effect on both sides.
• 270 ° in the forward direction, the light is evenly distributed, and the 70 ° safe area is reserved at the rear to provide a safe area for personnel
• At the same time, it is equipped with an infrared human induction device, which can turn off the light when detecting the intrusion of personnel or animals, which can effectively protect the safety of personnel while achieving efficient disinfection.

System features

• The maximum irradiance at 1 meter is greater than 650μw / c㎡ (1m);

• Irradiance at 1 meter is greater than 200μw / c㎡ Effective coverage angle 270 °

• Autonomous mobile disinfection to reduce manual contact

• Disinfection efficiency: 10 minutes disinfection area 57 square meters, 74 cubic meters

• Single charge, running time 5 hours, can achieve 1700 square meters, effective disinfection of about 2210 cubic meters of space

• Optimization of the killing path: According to the ultraviolet light distribution of the robot, the killing path is planned professionally (quality, quantity and safety)

• The disinfection process is safe and controllable: it comes with a voice to remind people to avoid it during operation; it has an infrared sensor to prevent injury caused by accidental intrusion

• Intelligent management, can perform task configuration, task time, route, content, walking frequency and other management

• Automatic inspection, automatic inspection sterilization according to the defined route, without human intervention

• Separation of man and machine reduces contact and risk of infection.

• Automatic barrier: automatic barrier function to prevent touching space objects

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