Being a Partner!

  • To Fight in your country

Alternative Business Model

  • Model A- Share Profit in 50% or Model B- Gain Commission in 5%

  • YOU as a Partner
  • Autotec China

• Find a Business Opportunity of PPE or Medical Device

• Find a buyers or other partners, like Hospital, governments or retailers etc.

• Find some money as cash flow for the business transaction in advanced payment

• Find a good suppliers of PPE and Medical Device in China

• Match License/Certification of PPE and Medical Device for export

• Provide Supply Chain, logistics, import & export and international payment

Demo of PPE and Medical Device

  • Маsk‎‎s N95/N99/N100
  • protective suit
  • Disposable medical Маsk‎‎
  • Rubber surgical gloves
  • Tester Kit
  • Eletronic Sphygmomanometer
  • Forehead Thermometer
  • Ventilator

How ? To? Do?- Learning From Autotec-European

• Find Opportunity In your Country
• Find Buyers& Customers of Medical Business
• Find Money to Run 100% Advance Payments
• Go to get Your Goverment support

• Use your own social circle of 255 people, use your friends' social circle of 255 people to Develop Medical Product business against Corona-19
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