A seguito dell’ennesima variazione della prassi d’importazione di "DPI" e "beni mobili non DPI" utili al contrasto della diffusione del virus, siamo a richiedervi, nell'eventualità di una vostra prenotazione, di compilare questi due moduli per permetterci di sdoganare merce con svincolo diretto. Ci scusiamo per l’ulteriore richiesta burocratica, certamente a noi non imputabile.

'... it all began with a simple phone call from Dr. A. Gulino, anesthesiologist at the AULSS N. 8 in VICENZA, of one minute and twenty-seven seconds on March 13, 2020 asking for a little kindness for us doctors ... '
In this emergency situation inflicted by Coronavirus, we are honoured to be able to count on the friendship and collaboration of the Autotec group of companies. Our Chinese colleagues and partners are able to source, negotiate and purchase medical material for Italian institutions and companies directly from:

China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation
Address: No.20 Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Postal Code: 100088 Tel:+86 10 62033332
The spirit of our initiative is to be close and supportive to our community. For this, we will give ABSOLUTE PRIORITY: TO MEDICAL, NURSING AND TECHNICAL STAFF WHO CARRY OUT THEIR WORK IN HOSPITALS, IN ELDERLY HOMES AND IN PENITENTIARIES. We have organized ourselves to make available to the workers of the companies that, at the present moment, are courageously working to guarantee the essential supply chains, their survival and the economic stability of the country, in addition to the income continuity for their employees. On this front, we are coordinating with the trade associations of the Confimi Industria Veneto system, which immediately shared our philosophy and our business.

The company of the group that will sell the goods in question ex works Brendola 36040 (VI) will be in this emergency phase:
Autoelettric Srl Via dell'Impresa 9 36040 Brendola (VI) P.IVA 01650120247
Shanghai-based Chinese multinational active in the automotive market. For two years it has entered the pharmaceutical market as a supplier of active ingredients. Referente: Richard Lin autotec@autotec.com.cn Mobile: +86 150 00931606
Autotec Shanghai Italian office in Brendola (VI), active in the automotive market. Referente: Alberto Tessaro a.tessaro@autoelettric.com PEC: autoteceurope@legalmail.it Mobile: 0039 335 7585194
Italian company specialized in customized electronic solutions for cars, trucks, motorcycles and for all new electrically operated vehicles. Referente: Alberto Tessaro a.tessaro@autoelettric.com PEC: autoteceurope@legalmail.it Mobile: 0039 335 7585194
Italian company specializing in micro wind power for low winds. Referente: Alberto Tessaro a.tessaro@enessere.com Mobile: 0039 335 7585194
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