About Autotec

  • Shanghai Autotec International Corp. is the manufacturer of Face Маsk‎‎ and protective Маsk‎‎ KN95 for medical and civil grade, located in Shanghai, China, Zhangjiang Medical Device Hightech Park, meanwhile thanks to our strong relation with Sinopharm, we are able to source and supply other PPE items like surgical gоwn, glоves, prоtective clоth, face shield, goggles, disinfectant, thermоmeter and other medical prоtective items.

  • We have been helping to supply Italian hospitals and health organizations in Europe through our European branch Autotec Europe SRL. The spirit of our initiative is to be close and supportive to the community in your countries for PPE products. For this, we will give ABSOLUTE PRIORITY: TO MEDICAL, NURSING AND TECHNICAL STAFF WHO CARRY OUT THEIR WORK IN HOSPITALS, IN ELDERLY HOMES AND IN PENITENTIARIES.

  • We have organized ourselves to make available to the workers of the companies that, at the moment, are courageously working to guarantee the essential supply chains, their survival and the economic stability, in addition to the income continuity for their employees. We are looking for partners globally for PPE product and further medical business together, thus we’ve figured out two dedicated solutions as a partnership sheme:

  • 1) Use your social connections and introduce us for the business deal, you will get 5% commission in between.
    2) We can invest by half and half together on the PPE products to make few stocks in your country or region for fast delivery to the customer, we build good relations with your local health institutions and share on half and half basis for business negotiation.

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